John Bailey Blues



John Bailey is a new name to me and his backing band play neatly and tidily with no flash or unnecessary hubris, the results are an album played by artists that love the genre.

Here is the work of a true Chicago-style blues ace, who plays in both a modern, as well as more classic, traditional vein, based on shuffles and slow blues—together with some instrumentals. John Bailey skillfully blends these styles, and does so with an elegant good taste, and also blows the harp with skill and ability. Vocally speaking, John uses a convincing and accurate tone. Bailey’s technique is rooted in the influences of bluesmen such as Walter Horton, Little Walter, James Cotton and George 'Harmonica' Smith among others. Backed by Eric Ducoff on guitar, Jeff "JB" Berg on bass, double bass and guitar and Nick Toscano on drums, Bailey has produced an exciting, fantastic record with very attractive  jacket artwork. The ten original songs carry their own signature and result in a cd of a high technical and artistic level. GREAT. 

Bailey has a nice mellow, velvety vocal but it's his muddy, authentic blues harp playing that really catches the ear on this one. On this form Bailey is a master—the fact that Messers Ducoff and co. are also hitting their straps conspire to make this rather good—Ducoff especially has some cracking chops which show deep sensitivity for the material.

One With The Blues is traditional Chicago Blues and West Coast Jump, with authentic harp and great support by the Eric Ducoff Band. The Album is John Bailey's creation—he wrote the songs, produced the recording and led the band with outstanding harp and vocals. This is the sound I love to hear as I approach a blues club.

"The tune called "The Great Valley Flood" is rather topical and interesting to say the least. I remember the valley flood back in 1955. I was fifteen-years-old at that time—so I got a real good birds-eye view of one of the greatest disasters the Naugatuck Valley ever experienced—but a really fine tune, and much thanks to John Bailey and The Eric Ducoff Band for bringing that forward and letting the people know a little bit about history musically."